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National Award of Merit: Deanna Slone

Member of Honor, Marietta Daisies

Deep South Region

1st Place: School Grounds Improvement Class B 1st Place: Member of Honor – Deanna Slone


Garden Club of Georgia

1st Place: Susan Wing, #26 Poem Adult to Child 1st Place: School Grounds Improvements #38

1st Place: Gardens for the Challenged #40

1st Place: Deanna Slone, Member of Honor #48 2nd Place: Holiday Decorations #49

2nd Place: Junior and/or Intermediate

Activity #57

3rd Place: Garden Therapy Outstanding Activity 3rd Place: Civil Improvement #13

Honorable Mention: Yearbook (Clubs 45-69) #16 Honorable Mention: Publication/Newsletter #37 Honorable Mention: National Garden Week #56

POEM by Susan Wing

I come into the garden, and what do I see? The birds, the bees and really tall trees! I keep looking and find so much more – Flowers, weeds and insects galore. When you look around, what else can you see? The colors? The smells? The wind in the trees? The garden is such a very special place, Every day it puts a big smile on my face!


Garden Club of Georgia:  Deanna Slone

1st Place Poetry Adult to Child

Photography Recognition

Garden Gateways Cover 

by Marietta Daisies Member Katryn Taylor


News recognition in the Marietta Daily Journal for Birney Memorial Rose Garden Project. Click

Poetry Winner 2022

A Poem Written For Adults By Adult

"Scratches Across the Winter Sky"

by Lyric Garten

Every day throughout the day I watch the winter sky from my window. Trees are scratches extending across the sky, The white sky. Then one day I see it; A tiny bud of green appears perched scantily, impossibly Attached on a scratchy branch. And day by day the sky starts to turn blue again


Poetry Winner 2022

A Poem Written For Children By Adult 


by Deanna Slone

Baby seeds and baby trees, Baby birds and baby bees. All need nurtured, all need fed. All need love then needs are met.

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