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Marietta Schools Foundation

Originally Marietta Fire Department's No. 3

(sub-station) built in 1952, this beautiful building housed the engine on the right side of the building that serves today as the conference room. 


The Marietta Daisies were approached in 2018 by Joe Kinstle (MSF Executive Director) after viewing the success we were achieving at the Birney Memorial Rose Garden.

A relationship has been formed with the MSF supporting the Daisies efforts in the Birney Memorial Garden with a financial stipend, as well as the Daisies installing a four-phase plan on the MSF grounds. 

Click here to learn more about the installed benches, donated by Lowe's. 

Click here to view a historic photo and news clipping about the original structure. 

We encourage our members to learn more about the Marietta Schools Foundation, and the work that they do.

If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer -

Please reach out to Project Chair: Amy Savage

Daisies in action

Daisies in Action
Daisies in Action
Daisies in Action
MSF Fall Planting Day
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