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"Fair Oaks", home of the Marietta Educational Garden Center was built between 1850-52.

Fair Oaks was bequeathed to the Marietta Council of Garden Clubs, Inc. from the Benson family and is one of the oldest antebellum houses in Marietta.

The “Garden Center” is an event rental facility and offers free educational resources to the community.

This is our home, where monthly meetings/events take place and where Daisies spend time serving.

Since the Fall of 2021, the Daisies take care of adding seasonal color to the landscape surrounding the property entrance in both Spring and Fall.

Fair Oaks Flower Bed Chair: Yvette Beckett

Dates TBD

PXL_20221021_172957036~2 (1).jpg
Fall Planting 2022

Fall Planting 2022

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