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History of the Marietta Educational Garden Center

The house, now the Marietta Educational Garden Center, was built by the Newton family between 1850-1852, on a Cherokee Indian Trail today called Kennesaw Avenue.

The Garden Center is at the base of Kennesaw Mountain, the top of which the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain raged for the month of June, 1864. The southern leader was General Joseph E. Johnston, reported to have headquartered in the house

for a short time.

Mrs. Meyers, who owned the house after the Newton family, named the house “Fair Oaks” because of the two large oak trees flanking the front entrance. The next two owners of the house were Dr. Squires, followed by the Fowlers. The last owners of the home were Clara and Howard Benson, from 1919-1962.

On November 4, 1966, the home and 3.5 acres were deeded to the Marietta Council of Garden Clubs, Inc. by the Bensons to be used as a Garden Center.

The home went through restoration maintaining the basic structure, completed in 1969, and opened for garden club and community activities. The center has been expanded to meet the demand for civic, educational, and cultural events.

Every effort has been made to preserve the original architectural style of the house.

The Marietta Educational Garden Center is listed in the National Registry of Historical Places and has received many local, state, and national awards. Link to the MEGC website







You Belong to the: Marietta Daisies Garden Club

The Marietta Daisies were chartered in 2015 and belong to the Marietta Council of Garden Clubs, Inc., which was organized in 1949 and is included in the Laurel District.

The Laurel District is one of seven districts serving the Garden Club of Georgia. Each district has a District Director. Yearly district meetings are held in October under the leadership of the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. which was federated on June 8, 1928.

The Garden Club of Georgia is made up of seven regional districts and is a member of the Deep South Region

established in 1961. It includes the following: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Eight regions across the United States make up the National Garden Clubs, Inc.

The regions are New England, Central Atlantic, South Atlantic, Deep South, Central, South Central, Rocky Mountain,

and Pacific.

National Garden Clubs, Inc. was founded in May, 1929.

10 National Garden Clubs, Inc.

“Go Green – Plant America”

President: Brenda Moore

4401 Magnolia Avenue St. Louis, MO 63110

Phone: 314-776-7574

Deep SouthGarden Clubs, Inc.

“Decorate the Deep South with Floral Accents”

Director: Debby Cooper

Phone: 662-299-8573

Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. “Plant America: Promoting Beautification, Conservation and Education” President: Lisa Hall

2450 Milledge Ave. Athens, GA 30602-5817


Laurel District “Plant America: Grow Members, Club and Gardens”

Director: Cheryl Brisco

11 Marietta Council of Garden Clubs, Inc

President: Deanna Slone Executive

Director: Kate Millholland

505 Kennesaw Ave. Marietta, GA 30064



Marietta Council meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month and are open to the public.

Social time begins at 9:30 and the meeting begins at 10 AM.


LAUREL DISTRICT FALL ANNUAL MEETING October 24, 2023 9:30-1:30 Ballground, GA

DEEP SOUTH REGION CONVENTION March 19-20, 2024 Gatlinburg, TN

GARDEN CLUB OF GEORGIA, INC. April 16-17, 2024 Macon,

GA NATIONAL GARDEN CLUBS, INC. May 2-5, 2024 Denver, CO 


We give special thanks to our past Daisie Presidents to date:

2015-2016 Cathy Prillaman-Brooks & Beth Ann Reichman

2016-2017 Cathy Prillaman-Brooks

2017-2018 Deanna Slone

2018-2019 Meg Calhoun

2019-2020 Kathryn Coffee

2020-2021 Carol Fey

2021-2022 Lyric Garten

2022-2023 Melissa Snyder

Marietta Garden Club Scrapbook

Marietta Garden Club Scrapbook

The beautiful artfully decorated cover of the 1929 scrapbook. The artist made raised areas to the cover page, then hand painted the design. Following pages contain more hand painted flowers.

Title Page

Title Page

Inside page of the Marietta Garden Club scrapbook.

1929 Press Notices

1929 Press Notices

A page envelope filled with the press notices of the year.

1933 Press Notices

1933 Press Notices

An envelope page containing press notices for the year.

1932 Flower Show

1932 Flower Show

1943 Flower Show

1943 Flower Show

1932 Flower Show

1932 Flower Show

Garden Gateway

Garden Gateway

Garden Club of Georgia Magazine publication. Vol.,1 July 1934





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