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#1 New Year Resolution

Ringing in the new year is always wrought with good intentions starting something anew.

The number #1 on that list is a new diet.

I researched and found this information at CNN Health and thought I would share.

2022 diet trend is the Mediterranean. This diet choice has made it to the top in other decades as well.

CNN Health is promoting this to be the best diet to follow for various health reason from weight loss to a healthier heart.

The Mediterranean diet seems to be the best one that would fit into the farm to table that so much of us might want to achieve in the gardening world via the backyard patch or the potted patio garden.

So when you are planning one of those other resolutions like implementing a Victory Garden maybe this might be useful in what your choose to plant.

Or it could be like myself, I head to my favorite Greek or Italian restaurants for lunch or dinner to take in a course of Mediterranean fare.

Here is a few tidbits from the article.

"In addition to its top spot as best overall diet, the Mediterranean style of eating also captured the blue ribbon in the following categories: easiest diets to follow; best diets for healthy eating; best diets for diabetes and best plant-based diets."

"Want to make the Mediterranean diet one of your goals this year? Get started by cooking one meal each week based on beans, whole grains and vegetables, using herbs and spices to add punch. When one night a week is a breeze, add two, and build your nonmeat meals from there."

The link is provided below if you would like to view more information and meal plans.

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