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Dear Garden Club Members,
We need your help to get legislation passed in the Georgia General Assembly to protect the Okefenokee Swamp from future mining operations along Trail Ridge - the eastern boundary of the swamp.  
The new legislative session starts on January 8th.  
Let's have a ton of emails and letters from Garden Club members across the state - sent to our State Legislators - showing them how much we care about this national treasure in Georgia.  
The Okefenokee Protection Act -House Bill 71 - - was sponsored by a bipartisan group of 90+ legislators in the Georgia Gen. Assembly.  We need pressure to get it out of Committee and go to the Floor for a vote, be passed and then go to the Senate.  
We need everyone to take action.    Please write to your Georgia legislator today. 
Click here to find your legislator in the Georgia Gen. Assembly    
Enter your address and both Fed & State legislator will appear.    
Click on your Georgia State Representative and his/her email address will appear.    
Write a note in your own words to express your concerns.      Pick the talking points most meaningful to you.  Be sure to say you are a constituent living in (town/city) and a member of the garden club.   
If you prefer to take the time to write a letter and mail to the Atlanta office - please do so.  That would be great.   If your legislator co-sponsored the bill, thank him/her.  If he/she did not - ask him/her to do so and support the fight to protect the OKE.  
A flyer is attached that you can send with your email.  
Also 2 pages of information for your use/education.  And a list of HB71 co-sponsors, so you know if your legislator was a sponsor or not.   Thank you for your help in this effort.  
Your actions are very important,
Barbara Bourque, GCG Legislative Chairman, 
Tally Sweat GCG LegislativeCo-Chairman,  
PS - if you get a response from your legislator, We would love to see a copy.   Contact us with any questions. 
Thank you.  

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