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Birney Memorial Rose Garden

The Birney Memorial Rose Garden, originally “The Sun Court,” was dedicated in 1942 to honor

Alice Birney as the co-founder of National PTA.

This historic garden is situated on the, now, Marietta Middle School campus.

At the center of the court there is a sun dial and it is surrounded by square, stone slabs representing each of the 50 state PTA's.

Outlining the courtyard are garden beds showcasing a wide variety of roses.

Donations are accepted to help with the maintenance and repair cost. Most recently, Daisy Darling/artist, Melissa Snyder, created a beautiful illustration which has been made into notecards and a limited-edition print to help offset expenses of stone repair. These items can be purchased online through the Marietta Daisies website at

“Our organization [GA PTA] could not be more proud of this national landmark in Marietta, GA. The amazing blooms remind us of the much-needed community of support that is essential to help educate our children and watch them blossom to their full potential. This garden is a lovely memorial to one of our children’s greatest advocates, Alice McClellan Birney,“ states Karen Hallacy, past Georgia

Artwork: Birney Memorial Rose Garden — Melissa Snyder, artist; Courtesy of Marietta Daisies Garden Club

For More Information, Contact:

Gail Bailey, Project Chairman

The Birney Memorial Rose Garden Marietta Daisies Garden Club


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