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Kitchen to Garden

Environmental Report

October 18, 2021

You can feed your garden from your kitchen!

Got Milk? Good source of calcium and beneficial proteins and Vitamin B benefiting plants. You can use fresh or outdated….evaporated or even powdered milk. Just dilute at least 50/50 with water. Sprinkle powdered milk around root area. Can be a foliar spray or pour around base of plants where roots will absorb.

Unflavored gelatin – great for houseplants and other foliage plants in the garden. Gelatin is essentially a form of collagen made from animal bones, skins and the like, great source of nitrogen promoting healthy plant development. Dilute with plenty of water – one packet to a quart. First dissolve in a cup of hot water.

Eggshells - loaded with calcium, little nitrogen, phosphoric acid and other trace elements. As fertilizer, this helps increase cell division and promote stronger, healthier growth. Can reduce blossom end rot in tomatoes. Also consider using the water from boiling eggs.

Coffee grounds – adds organic matter to the soil, improving overall drainage, water retention and aeration. 2% nitrogen, good for acid loving plants too. Can also use leftover coffee if diluted. Rumor is coffee also repels cats (wondering about chipmunks???) kills slugs and keeps weeds at bay. May also beckon earthworms.

Bananas are excellent source of potassium and great for soil. Best to compost first. You can forgo compost pile and make a homemade liquid fertilizer instead, just chop up peelings and put them in jar of water, allow to sit for about a week or so. Then water your plants with it, tossing peels or composting.

This can be found on the environmental page.

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