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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Fall Asters

4 Reasons to plant Asters

Create a vivid fall display with the colorful varieties the aster offers.

Add lavender, purple, and pink to brighten the fading shades of summer.

Also known as Michaelmas daisies, due to their habit of blooming around the same time as the Feast of St. Michael (Michaelmas) on September 29th.

Another common name to this Native American plant is starwort, describing its radiant "star" blossoms.

September born? Aster is the celebrated birth flower for September.

By planting this perennial you are also provide nectar for the butterflies that are topping up before heading south for the winter.

4 simple fun and simple reason to add the aster to your gardens:

1) Fall color

2) Celebration of your personal birthday

3) Butterfly habitat

4) A reference to DAISIES!

Aster Growing Tips

To promote bushier growth, cut your asters back in early spring and again in June. During a dry summer, they tend to drop their lower leaves if not kept well watered. To cover their “naked legs,” plant lower understory plants around them.

As the plants mature, they grow out from the center and eventually leave a dead spot in the middle. They benefit greatly from dividing and replanting in the spring every 3 to 4 years. Feed plants in the spring with a top dressing of compost or well-rotted manure. Tall growing varieties will need staking.

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