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Water Conservation

Why should I conserve water?

Eco-friendly landscaping is a great way to reduce water usage.

Water is a renewable resource, so outside of lowering your bills, why use less of it?

For one, water takes energy and time to clean. The EPA estimates that “drinking water and wastewater systems account for approximately 2 percent of energy use in the United States, adding over 45 million tons of greenhouse gases annually.”

Every time you use water, it must be treated to remove pathogens and contaminants before it can go back into circulation.

While the water is being treated, it isn’t available for consumption.

Conserving water means that less of it will have to cycle through the extensive wastewater treatment process each day.

Why plant a drought tolerant grass?

Reduces water bill Turf Developed through a partnership between Texas A&M and NG Turf, Sunbelt Blue™ is an innovative cool season cross between Texas and Kentucky bluegrass.

Sunbelt stands up to Southeastern summers better than fescue, while remaining cold hardy and keeping its bright blue-green color year round. It performs with superior resistance to disease as well.

Sunbelt’s rhizomatous root system provides heat and drought resistance and also allows it

recover from stress and damage—unlike fescue, which requires overseeding.

TifTuf™ Bermuda is the newest “Tif” release from the world-renowned University of

Georgia breeding program. After two decades of rigorous testing, TifTuf proved superior

drought resistance, maintaining quality and color while using 38% less water than other

Bermuda varieties. TifTuf’s growth allows for faster establishment and quicker recovery

compared to other Bermudas. Recommended for residential, commercial, golf course and

sports field applications, it features an attractive bright green color with faster spring green-up and late fall color retention.

Consider these options over turf:

Ground cover is your best friend.

There is a host of shade-loving ground covers that will grow where no turf grass

dares to enter.

Check out shade-tolerant perennials and ground covers like English ivy, ajuga, hosta, sweet woodruff, and pachysandra.

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