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Marietta Daisies Garden Club


Monday, March 18th

9:30am Program will begin promptly at 9:30am

Marietta Educational Garden Center "Fair Oaks"

505 Kennesaw Ave.NW, Marietta Ga. 30060

"Mushroom Logs"

—Making our own mushroom logs

Speaker Jim Mynes

Jim Mynes attended the University of Tennessee and received both his bachelor degrees in Horticulture and Botany as well as a PhD in Plant Pathology.

He executed research in a variety of plant systems including roses, dogwoods, day lilies, ornamental grasses, hydrangeas, African violets, and many others. After finishing his doctoral dissertation he worked for the USDA Agricultural Research Service for several years until the funding for that position ran out.

After that he did Organosolv Fractionation chemistry helping to make sustainable carbon fiber out of renewable wood chips and grass clippings. He moved to Atlanta in 2017 and has been running his own business Rose Gardens of Atlanta since.

Hands on program-making our own mushroom logs!!!

All supplies need to be Pre-paid before program

Cost: $40

Even if you do not want a personal mushroom log,

please attend the lecture from one of our favorite speakers &

fellowship of Marietta Daisies.

Hospitality HC: Amy Savage*, Meg Calhoun, Nancy Forbes, Tracie Guckian, Nancy Pillar

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