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Environmental Minutes:
Protecting the Okefenokee
Needs your response before the end of November

At this Monday's meeting, Melissa Snyder be sharing the Environmental minute. In the interest of time, please watch this video ( Okefenokee video: )

on Protecting the Okefenokee, and take a few moments to fill out the quick forms to contact our reps and our governor. The forms will populate who your representatives are once you type in your address on the form, and then follow the prompts. From what I can tell (lots of red tape), this should be done by the end of November. Barbara Bourque, GCG Legislative Chairman, wrote an article about this in the Fall Edition of your Garden Gateways publication, page 3.

Please consider supporting this worthwhile cause. Thank you, Daisies!

Okefenokee video:

1. Ask Georgia legislators to sign the Okefenokee Protection Act. 2. Urge Governor Kemp to oppose Twin Pines Minerals mining permit application now being reviewed by Georgia EPD.

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