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Updated: Feb 4

Environmental News

Source: Walter Reeves


  • Get ready for roses - Prepare beds for bare-root roses that will soon arrive in nurseries. Dig an area four feet wide and twelve inches deep for each plant, adding plenty of soil conditioner to the soil.

  • Tend to your poinsettias - Water poinsettias only as needed – when the top inch of the soil becomes dry to the touch. Keep them in bright light but cool temperatures. Do not fertilize until March.

  • Prune your trees - It is easy to see the limb structure of trees now. Tie ribbon around the ones you think should be removed then step back for another look before cutting them off.

  • If the ground is dry, till the soil in your vegetable garden. You’ll eliminate lots of insects, weeds and nematodes.

  • Transplant shrubs - Small, leafless shrubs and trees can be transplanted easily now. Wait for a warm day when the ground is not frozen.

  • Cut back kudzu and bamboo - Chop unwanted kudzu, English ivy and bamboo to the ground. Follow with weed killer on the leaves in April.

  • Prune pampas grass - Prune clumps of pampas grass down to 12 inches tall. Use a gloved hand to pull out dead stems in the clump.

  • Water pansies - Water pansies and ornamental kale after a hard freeze so they can re-hydrate their wilted leaves. Remember to regularly water window boxes and other outside plant containers.

  • Bring in amaryllis - Amaryllis flower stems and their faded blooms can be removed now. Treat it like a houseplant for the rest of the winter then plant outdoors in a sunny bed in May.

  • Prepare for cold weather - Use calcium chloride or potassium chloride instead of salt on icy sidewalks. Too much rock salt (sodium chloride) can burn nearby plant roots. If temperatures drop below 20 degrees after a week-long warm spell, cover gardenias and camellias nightly with black plastic anchored to the ground on all sides.

  • Request seed catalogs - Write or call for your yearly supply of garden plant and seed catalogs. Buy an issue of a gardening magazine for addresses and phone numbers.

  • Plant pansies and daisies - Plant pansies and English daisies in a sunny bed when the weather is mild. Use plants in three inch or larger pots to make an immediate impact in your landscape.

  • Be careful - Look out for poison ivy when working outdoors. Even the leafless vine and branches can cause a powerful skin reaction if touched.

  • Check your bulbs - Check on the tender bulbs (canna, caladium, dahlia) you stored indoors for the winter. If they are beginning to shrink, mist each one with warm water.

  • Prune your fruit trees - Prune apple and pear trees and grape vines.



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