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How to Grow Marshmallow

It’s a fun perennial to share with

friends and family,

as a plant or a food group!

Choose a spot that receives full sun, mallow will grow in partial shade, but it does best in a sunny location. The best soil is loamy and moist, but if you’re using it to remediate harder soils, be sure to water it frequently.

  • Marshmallow can be direct seeded or started indoors.

  • Sow seeds in the spring or fall directly into the ground or pots.

  • Cover the seed with a thin layer of soil, and keep it consistently moist. Marshmallow takes around three or four weeks to germinate, so be patient.

  • Once the plant is established, you can divide the roots in spring or fall.

  • If you’ve chosen a location where the soil is usually moist, you won’t need to water your marshmallow. But in other locations, you may need to water it during dry spells

  • . Fertilize the plants in late spring or early summer with a balanced fertilizer.

Harvesting Marshmallow

If you plan on using the plant for medicinal or edible uses, harvest the leaves and flowers throughout the growing season. Harvest roots in the fall for best nutrients retrieval.

Marshmallow Will Spread

While it’s not labeled as an invasive species, marshmallow can spread quickly, so keep an eye on the plant and remove any unwanted shoots to keep it in check.


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